Voog gives you freedom to build!

Starting is super easy! Build awesome web page or e-shop in couple of minutes. No hassle with installing and setting up. Every single thing works from the very beginning.

Convenient tool for creating web page or e-shop

Make your web page as you want by dragging pictures, texts and videos straight into your site and editing them on the spot – content management has never been easier.

You can choose between several unique handmade designs. Your new website looks great and is usable in any environment, be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Voog’s team manage, host and monitore all the systems. You don’t have to have deep knowledge of infotechnology. You can keep your focus on what matters to you.

E-shop supports wide range of payment and delivery methods in Estonia and abroad, which makes selling more convenient for you. Additionally it can generate vouchers for campaigns and generate automatic bill.

Годовой расчетный период Да С налогом Нет


11,00 €13,42 €

(a months fee, when paying yearly *)

14,00 €17,08 €

(a month *)


  • First month for free
  • 5GB storage
  • 3 users, 30 pages, 3 languages
  • Custom domain
  • Password protected pages
  • Fully customizable design
  • API access and developer tools
  • SSL security


17,00 €20,74 €

(a months fee, when paying yearly *)

22,00 €26,84 €

(a month *)


  • First month for free
  • Everything in Standard and:
  • 20GB storage
  • Unlimited pages and users
  • online store with maximum of 30 products (without commission)
  • Database tool


39,00 €47,58 €

(a months fee, when paying yearly *)

50,00 €61,00 €

(a month *)


  • First month for free
  • Everything in Plus and:
  • All resources unlimited
  • Complete online store
  • Priority  support
  • Custom SSL certificate

* Fee is added to monthly price of web hosting

Watch the demo and find out yourself!

Voog includes

You can do everything yourself, no waiting for IT assistance

Unique handcrafted designs for every device

Fast and knowledgeable support team

Always updated systems and daily backups

If your needs grow, leveling up is one click away

Integrated website hosting

Test first month for free with all plans

Why Voog?


Voog allows you to create a multilingual page.

Flexible and responsive

Your Voog page user interface and sites work smoothly on a computer, board and mobile.


Standard will cost you 11 euros per month


Voog runs on Zone infrastructure that has been an inspiration for others for the past 19 years.


Content management software is always updated and backed up for you.

Easy to use

Voog is based on open standards. Every web developer is capable to link data from your site to new systems via API and transfer the content.